Birra Ester Birrificio La Diana

Style - Tripel with heather honey

Fermentation - high

Alc. - 8% Vol.

Color - 12 ebc

Ibu - 35/40


Water, Barley malt,
Heather Honey, Dextrose, Yeast.

Clear and slightly stronger beer in the Belgian style, with heather honey added which gives it a balsamic and sweet flavor with just bitter end. The foam is white and persistent and has an average body and medium gas.

It goes well with all kinds of cheeses, cured meats and pickles. It’s perfect in combination with stewed red meat or braised; as regards the desserts, it’s great with the creams spoon, fruit pies and tarts.

Intorno ad esso era il grande assuero, estèr sua sposa e 'l giusto mardoceo, che fu al dire e al far così intero.

Purgatorio, canto XVII