Birra Barbariccia Birrificio La Diana

Style - Saison with Zolfino Beans from Pratomagno

Fermentation - high

Alc. - 5% Vol.

Color - 7/8 ebc

Ibu - 20


Water, Barley malt,
Zolfino Beans from Pratomagno,
Hops, Dextrose, Yeast.

Saison beer from belgian inspiration, with consistent body made by Zolfino bean. It’s a blonde beer with orange reflex, medium gassing, with a white and persistent foam. The yeast used give it spicy notes of ripe fruit with yellow flesh, pepper and cloves, with lightly notes of wildflowers and herbaceous.

The beer can be combined with structurated dishes of white and red meats, but also with elaborated fish preparation or seasoned cheese.

Ma prima avea ciascun la lingua stretta coi denti, verso lor duca per cenno; ed elli avea del cul fatto trombetta.

Infeno, canto XXI