Roasted IPA

Birra Megera Birrificio La Diana

Style - Roasted IPA

Fermentation - high

Alc. - 5% Vol.

Color - 90 ebc

Ibu - 70


Water, Barley malt,Roasted Barley,
Hops, Dextrose, Yeast.

Roasted IPA beer, deep black color but as drinkable as an ALE. Its body is light, with persistent foam and coffee notes. The hopping is provided by 7 different types of hops, well balanced between bitter and aroma. It has average gassing.

Raccomanded with old cuts, particularly piquant cheese (type goats) and main dishes like red meat and bushmeat.

E quei, che ben conobbe le meschine de la regina de l'etterno pianto, "Guarda", mi disse, "Le feroci erine. Quest'è megera dal sinistro canto".

Inferno, canto IX